About Rocket Fuel


Carson and James






Starting in 2005 I owned and operated an independent cafe known as The Gorham Grind. Here I was able to share my passion for the world’s finest coffee with like-minded fanatics. Moreover, the energy and ingenuity that successful small business owners demonstrate has always inspired me. Connecting with people on a local level with old-fashioned quality and service is the key to forming lasting relationships. Gorham, Maine quickly embraced the presence of a comfortable and traditional coffeehouse in their Village.


In 2007, The Grind took the show on the road by participating in local fairs, festivals and sporting events. Two ways to grow the business resulted from our good experiences as coffee caterers: the creation of a professional coffee truck with the backing of our loyal customers, and my invention in 2008 of Rocket Fuel High-Test Coffee Milk. Months of experimentation paid off with a coffee milk flavor that is perfectly bold and that features a complex sweetness. This delicious new addition to the Maine Dairy market quickly lit up the folks in Gorham and beyond.


For years we crafted this drink for ourselves and for local trade partners like Bayside American Cafe, Union Bagel Company, Rosemont Market and The Frog and Turtle. Positive word of mouth fueled the growth of this unique coffee concoction. By 2016 it was clear that demand for Rocket Fuel had eclipsed that of our beloved college town coffeehouse… so later that year, logistics pro James Black and I formed Constellation Beverage of Maine in order to give this high-test coffee milk some real space. Tasting is believing. Thank you for checking us out!

Cheers and Onward!

Carson, James and the Constellation Crew