What Is It?

Rocket Fuel High-Test Coffee MilkCoffee milk is a New England tradition

Honoring this local legacy, Rocket Fuel High-Test Coffee Milk™ is made with dark roast coffee, caramelized sugar and Maine dairy. Most coffee milk tastes like milk coffee, whereas Rocket Fuel is true coffee milk: bold, with a complex sweetness and the caffeine equivalent of three espresso shots and 11 grams protein to sustain a long, fresh lift 🔥🚀

Rocket Fuel High-Test Coffee Milk is a delicious choice at your favorite drink retailer, as well as at brunch spots and pubs! Try it over ice or frothed up latte-style as a cocktail with Irish whiskey, coconut rum, hazelnut liqueur or any number of other delicious combinations. Ask for Rocket Fuel wherever you enjoy beverages.